Carlos Saladen-Vargas

Carlos Saladen-Vargas was born and raised in Venezuela and prior to moving to London to explore his artistic interests he worked in the field of mechanical engineering. Before delving into photography, he participated in several experimental music projects and co-founded the net-based label

His work is informed by an interest in the socio-political functions of photography and critically engages with issues attaching to spectatorship and dissemination of photographic projects. Today, he lives in Margarita Island where he raises his family and develops his art practice.

Oct 2013
Garis and Hahn NYC: Oct 2013

April 2012
Photo-Soup Unit 24 London: April 2012

Sep 2011
Photo-Soup México: Sep 2011

Oct 2010
Photo-Soup en Barcelona: Oct 2010

Oct 2009
Photo-Soup at The Bunker: Oct 2009

Oct 2009
Photo-Soup at The Bunker: Oct 2009

October 2009
Photo-Soup at The Bunker: October 2009