Martyn Gallina-Jones

Born in Liverpool, England, currently lives in Brooklyn, NY. His work as a portrait artist is driven by his nature as a social creature, with a broad interest in people and their stories, often examining the boundaries between the private and the public. Gallina-Jones’s current work has as its starting point a visual interest in the formal uniforms of civilian and military service personnel and the way these garments, through their decorative insignia, are imbued with hidden information pertinent to the careers and experiences of the wearers. Subsequently he extended his observations of “insignia” into the realm of everyday clothing and grooming by creating portraits that he referred to as “Street Style Portraits,” portraiture that examined the mechanisms by which individuals support their “identity contract” with society at large. Most recently, he has become interested in creating portraiture that presents not only the visually available “insignia” of personality, social standing or group affiliation but also that which is hidden or private and that might be revealed through his notion of Extended Portraiture. Gallina-Jones intends to create interactive works of portraiture that can respond to the viewer through a computer interface, revealing text based data that speaks to the portrait subject’s life and experience.