Susana Sanroman
Susana Sanromán is a Galician photographer who has made London her home. Since completing her studies in photography at the London College of Communication, she has been involved in a number of exhibitions both as an artist and a curator. Her work displays intimacy and delicately-woven subtleties, and she is considered part of a group of artists known as the Generation of 2008. In 2009 she published the photographic essay 'Women looking at women: the female gaze'.

She has stretched the limits of conventional photography through her work assisting internationally renowned artist Tom Hunter.

Sanromán is a pioneer of new disciplines that transcend visual art and has worked with a number of innovative collectives in the London scene including Artcrunch, Centrepoint Collective and Shunt Lounge. She is also part of the New Opera Hero project.

Currently, Sanromán's work is on show at London's dynamic Stephen Bartels Gallery in an exhibition of work produced with Leica cameras, alongside photographs from across the world.A prolific photographer, Sanromán depicts keenly the peculiar charm of snatched moments, and hers is a confessional vision of human nature that includes elegant images, extracts from private rituals, allegorical moments, gazes caught in time, which help reset the memory. In constant evolution, prompted by her creative vision and a distinctive visual language, her work displays a narrative dictated by the visceral impulses of a global society, which leads to a state of hyper-connectivity, degradation, ambiguity and hypnosis.

Text by Gelines Romero for Brit.Es magazine